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2024-04-03 2023 - What a year! What a year it was for me as a photographer. My artwork has been all around the world and been seen by so many. I couldnt imagine it to happen when it all started in august 2023. 2024 seem to become equally exciting. Lots of exhibitions to come!

2023-07-02 Awesome news! My photo was chosen among thousands to be featured at Gallery Gora, in Montreal Canada on August 3-5th. My photo will be digitally showcased in the "Our Amazing Planet" exhibition. This will be my first exhibition abroad. Im thrilled!

2023-08-13 Wow! Next up in the line of great news. My art will be exhibited and featured in Johannesburg South Africa in december. Its beyond my wildest dreams. The renowned FotoZA Gallery is the one who will feature the ”Best of Black & White” exhibition this year. But before that its time for PH21 Photography Gallery in Hungary Budapest. Stay tuned!


Upcoming Exhibitions

Nature Photographer of the Year
2 may-4 may, 2024, 2024
London, UK
Londonś Coningsby Gallery

Art of Photography
21 june - 23 june, 2024, 2024
Philadelphia, USA
The SPACE Art Gallery

Your Favourite Nature Shot
19 july-6 september, 2024
Chicago, USA
Bridgeport Art Center

The Beauty of Earth
1 august-4 august, 2024
Mexico City, Mexico
ALMANAQUE fotográfica


Previous Exhibitions

Solo - Single Subject
15 february- 18 february 2024
Athens, Greece
Blank Wall Gallery

Powerful Composition
25 january-27 january, 2024
Bogota, Colombia
Espacio El Dorado

Our Amazing Planet
19 january-21 january, 2024
Melbourne, Australia
BSIDE Gallery

Portrait Photographer of the Year
21 december-23 december
London, UK
Coningsby Gallery

Best of Black & White
8 december-10 december
Johannesburg South Africa
FotoZA Gallery

Art Of Photography
30 november-5 december
Hanoi, Vietnam
Matca Gallery

Dramatic Lightning
25 november-28 november
Manila, Philippines
Modeka Gallery

Powerful Composition
3-5 november, 2023
Barcelona Spain
Valid World Hall

Landscape Photographer of the Year Clevelands Premium Exhibition
13-15 october, 2023
Kaiser Gallery, Cleveland, USA
Kaiser Gallery

Art of Photography & Dramatic Lightning
6-8 october, 2023
Philadelphia USA
The SPACE Art Gallery

Your Favourite Shot<> 22-24 september, 2023
Limassol Cyprus
6x6 Centre for Photography

My Perfect Shot
18-20 august, 2023
Hungary Budapest
PH21 Photography Gallery

Our Amazing Planet
3-5 august, 2023
Montreal Canada
Gallery Gora

Skogens Alla Vrår
4 September - 14 November 2010
Teknikens Hus, Luleå, Sweden

20 One
5-23 October 2009
Galleri Drömverkstan, Söderhamn, Sweden

Kulturhuset Bagaregården
2007, Gothenburg, Sweden

2007, Sunne, Sweden

2006, Sundsberg Gård, Sunne, Sweden

Elmia Fair
2006, Jönköping, Sweden

2000, Ljusdal, Sweden

Galleri Näcken
1996, Hudiksvall, Sweden


So it began...

It was the decade when the King of Rock 'n' Roll went out of time, and Sweden's heir to the throne came into being. It was the decade when plush pants got a face, and hot sandwiches were the best things you could have for dinner. There, in the late '70s, I was born, and my parents insisted on naming me Ann-Therése.

I grew up with floral moss green wallpapers and brown orange curtains. Most of my childhood, I lived in a wooden farmhouse in the countryside, deep in the forests of Hälsingland. In the '80s, along came the video camera and the VCR, bringing new technology. Pretty soon, my brother owned a Polaroid camera, which he used extensively.

We were amazed at how quickly the images developed, and you could see them as soon as a minute later. Not long after that, I had my first memory of a camera of my own. It was during a caravan holiday when I was about nine years old and was gifted my very own pocket camera.

That's how it all started... somewhere among haystacks, the happy moments of childhood, and mosquito bites in the summer. That's where my interest in images and photography was born. My journey in the world of photography took off when I chose to attend the Aesthetics program in high school. Design, color, and creativity have been, are, and will always be a big part of my life, influencing everything I do.

A streak of sunlight can sometimes be that little extra that makes a fleeting moment turn into something magical in a picture. The world has many wonderful, mysterious, and beautiful places that touch and capture one's innermost being. I've seen the world - many cultures, many places. The subjects of my photographs vary a lot.

I define myself as a photo artist. I want to amaze people with what exists and, at the same time, arouse curiosity about what I depict. And, above all, I would like to enlighten humanity that there is plenty of beauty in the simple and small things around us. You just have to look to see!

From time to time you can see my creations appear at various exhibitions around the world. But also in books and magazines.



Travel Journeys
Practical Motorhome Magazine
28 June, 2023
Practical Motorhome

Prime Time Magazine
2010, Airline Company Primera

Visste du...
2007, Photo book, BrobyGrafiska

2004, Anthology, Dojjan Community

2005, 2006, Various articles, Rättvik

2006, Weekly newspaper, Nyköping